A Productive Homeworking Environment

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Even though working from home seems too good to be true and for many reasons it is, there can also be some drawbacks that can slow us down. We need to make sure our working environment is set up so that we are productive and efficient and this isn’t always as easy as you may think.

The obvious positives are being self sufficient and the commute is non existent amongst many others. But without set boundaries to ensure we are free from distractions, our work and productivity can be greatly compromised.

A Regular Work Routine.

Working to a daily routine is a positive and effective way to get things done. Decide on a start time and stick to it, do the same thing for your lunch break etc. Now you are allowed to take some liberties as a home worker, but it is essential to not allow ourselves to get side tracked.

There are plenty of daily planners you can download online. Myself, I’m not much of a morning person, so I allow myself to work later. But I don’t stop until my set tasks for any particular day are complete.

As an article writer I try to set time aside to compose and post at a set time, this not only increases output but search engines like regular posting. We’re all different, so we need to create a routine suitable for our particular niches

Ways To Overcome Distractions.Do not disturb sign

In today’s modern world there are so many distractions around us on a daily basis that it’s a wonder we ever get anything done. Most of us have a mobile phone these days and as important as they are for business, it’s a must that you try to keep personal calls outside of working hours. Once those calls start coming in and we end up chatting, half the day has passed us by. You need to switch off or invest in an answering machine.

If you have a friend or relative who insists on phoning during your working hours, make it clear to them that you have a deadline to complete or you are unable to talk during office hours.

Most of us have an office setup, but we can be easily side tracked by our household luxuries such as the tv or the radio. These also need to go, you need to treat your work time as you would a real job in the real world.

Leave the laundry and the cleaning and any other household duties for when your work is complete for the day.

Take A Timeout Break.A Coffee cup & beautiful view.

Because we’re working from home we can sometimes feel isolated due to lack of human interaction. I’m rather fortunate to have a lovely park 5 minutes away with a coffee shop. So most says I’ll try to take an hour away from the desk to chill out. Get some much needed fresh air and maybe have a chat with the locals.

I find this time out actually helps my creativity, energizes me and increases work flow. This is one of those positive elements that working from home affords us.

Dress Like You Mean Business.Man in suit buttoning shirt

Have you ever heard the saying “Dress to impress leads to success”. Just because your bedroom and bathroom are 20 feet away it doesn’t mean you should work in your pyjamas or a dressing gown.

I’m not saying you need to wear top hat and tails either, but simply by dressing casual smart and looking and feeling good can impacts on how we feel inside.

This in turn aids in productivity and also creativity. How we look is a representation of our self worth and value and people are more happy to work with someone that is presentable.

Eat Sensibly And Exercise.

I can’t illustrate enough the importance of eating the right food and exercising as a homeworker! We tend to spend many hours sat in front of a computer, probably drinking a lot of coffee and resorting to junk food, or at least I did.

This isn’t the place to get into the politics of what constitutes a healthy diet, but I do try to eat light throughout the day. I also walk a lot and run 3 days a week. This is what works for me and I think a little is good for everyone, the key is getting the balance correct. But over time as we grow into our routine things tend to fall into place.

Woman jogging in a park

Some Quality “Me” Time.

Many Entrepreneurs suffer from burn out, I’ve been there myself. When most people are heading home, because we’re already home we forget that it’s time to stop! Before you know it, it’s 11pm and time for bed, but you’ve not eaten!

When you find this happening, you know you’re letting your work take over and it can become overbearing, we all need some quality personal time. To just sit down and relax and get work out of our minds, this is as important as any other part of the routine.

The key word here is “Balance” if this is wrong, it can effect us in all kinds of ways. I now use an alarm clock and unless I’m working on something seriously important, when that alarm goes off, that’s me done for the day.

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  1. Donna

    Hello Jay,

    This is great information that will benefit your readers. Great use of photos and the website content is very professional and well researched. I wish you success!



    1. Jay (Post author)

      Thanks for the kind words Donna, it’s most appreciated. Best wishes to you 🙂

  2. Tanya

    Thanks for this great post! I am reading this with a headache as I work from home because I realized that I haven’t really had anything to eat. There is nobody here to remind me that it is time for lunch. I definitely need to take a “time out” break as you call it. And eat sensibly. I can feel that I am becoming less productive with each hour that goes by.

    1. Jay (Post author)

      Sorry to hear about your headache, I usually get them so bad I have to go and lie down, so I can sympathize with how you’re feeling. Balance is very important, both eating too little or too much can be detrimental, as I say in the article. A little food is better and that has been my philosophy since going low carb, I’ve lost close to 80 lbs and I feel like a whole new person. Take care & I hope you’re feeling better soon.

  3. Marlon

    Hey Jay,

    Wonderful article. I deal with my home business just about the same way you do. Interspersed with a lot of exercising, meditating and some me time. It does get overwhelming sometimes and it is up to us to do what we have to do to stay in the right frame of mind.

    1. Jay (Post author)

      Absolutely Marlon, it can be quite a struggle at times, but you can;t let it get the better of you.

  4. Gina Gonzalez

    Jay, Good post I needed to read. I appreciate your writing style. Thank you, Gina

    1. Jay (Post author)

      Thanks a lot Gina, welcome back I also appreciate your participating on my site.

  5. Loes

    Thanks for this post Jay, when you are working at home, you need to take at first, yourself seriously, otherwise no-one will. And second, take your work seriously, to create a working place in your home, and to keep a schedule. To not slip away into doing nothing, or slip away into the work-aholic-scene.
    Have a great working day, with lots of fun, because there is nothing better than being your own boss! Loes

    1. Jay (Post author)

      Hi Loes, I myself am guilty of a lot of the things you mention, or was. I corrected them to the best of my abilities, because I was getting very little done, it seems to have worked. This is the reason for the post, to help others to learn from my experiences 🙂

  6. Bill

    Great information Jay. I guess my goal of working in my pajamas is out the window now. LOL. Very good info. Keep posting.

    1. Jay (Post author)

      Thanks a lot Bill, I guess you must think I’m a real kill joy 😉

  7. Janelle

    Timely advice for me , thanks Jay. I noticed this morning just how engrossed I get with my ‘workathomebiz’. It’s after lunch time now and I’m still swilling my first coffee and cold toast. Seriously, some days I forget to brush my hair and walk the dog. Gotta get a grip!

    1. Jay (Post author)

      I have my off days I must admit, I think we all do. My working days are very odd indeed because I’m a carer for a disabled parent. So I have to set my work hours for late at night when she goes to bed. It’s impossible getting anything done otherwise, believe me I have tried 😀


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