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Is My Paying Ads The Next Big Name In Revenue Sharing?

Promotional Image For My Paying Ads

Revenue Sharing sites are popping up all over the internet at the moment, the most well known of course being Traffic Monsoon. One of the newest and fastest growing Rev Share sites is My Paying Ads.

12 Dec 2015

Procrastination – The Road To Damnation

Procrastination sign

Do you find yourself constantly making up excuses to avoid doing something? Are you always too busy? Do you avoid doing difficult tasks due to the fear of failure? You’re not alone, many people procrastinate and it is usually due to a much deeper problem, such as anxiety, self doubt and fear of failure.

26 May 2015

ClixSense PTC

ClixSense Logo

Paid to click sites (ptc) are all the rage at the moment, they have many members the world over simply clicking adverts for money. The main setback is that the earnings tend to be very low and it can take a long time time to generate any real income. There is better news, so read on.


21 May 2015

Guitar Pro

A Screenshot Of Guitar Pro

If your niche site is guitar based, then Guitar Pro is the ideal software for you to promote. It offers a complete set of tools for a novice right through to an advanced player. You can create complex musical scores in both standard notation and tablature.


12 May 2015

The a2z Guide To Becoming A Music Affiliate

Music Logo In Green

Although this article focuses on creating a website within the music niche. The same principles can be applied to any niche really. I chose to focus this article on music for 2 reason, I’m a musician myself and I’ve recently been asked to help someone work on an online music project. So it is fresh in my mind and relevant to me.

08 May 2015

A Productive Homeworking Environment

A small office desk with a macbook

Even though working from home seems too good to be true and for many reasons it is, there can also be some drawbacks that can slow us down. We need to make sure our working environment is set up so that we are productive and efficient and this isn’t always as easy as you may think.


03 May 2015

A Truly Inspirational Tale.

a tranquil sunset with a tree in foreground

We all need inspiration in life, something to aim for, a reason to get out of bed in the morning to face the day. Whether we are starting a new career or launching our own business or even learning to play a musical instrument, there is almost always a catalyst or a trigger that motivates us to pursue these ambitions.

12 Apr 2015

Libre Office, The Free Alternative.


Whenever I prepare to write another blog post, I always like to make a rough draft in a word processor before committing it to WordPress, it allows me to check for not only typing errors but to read over it completely before deciding I’m happy with the content.


09 Apr 2015

Bring Out The Gimp!

gimp logo

No, I’m not about to recommend some character from a well known movie, but an amazing FREE image manipulation program called Gimp, which stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It began life back in the 90’s as an Open Source Software for Linux, but over the years it has matured into a well respected program that runs on most modern systems.

09 Apr 2015

What Is The Key To Success?


Whatever it is we want to achieve in life, the only thing stopping us from getting there is Ourselves, all the excuses in the world won’t change this. It’s easy to just quit in life, decide it’s all too difficult or expensive. Nobody ever said it was going to be easy, but the successful people in the world never give up.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”. Steve Jobs

“I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took any excuse”. Florence Nightingale

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”. Sir Winston Churchill


04 Apr 2015