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Paid to click sites (ptc) are all the rage at the moment, they have many members the world over simply clicking adverts for money. The main setback is that the earnings tend to be very low and it can take a long time time to generate any real income. There is better news, so read on.

Rating: 8/10
Owned By: Jim Grago
Free To Join (Upgrade To Premium For $17/Yearly)

What Is ClixSense?

Clixsense was originally launched in 2007 by Steve Girsky (founder of Stormpay) but was taken over by Jim in 2010. It is probably one of the most popular paid to click sites and as I said earlier, it isn’t a high payer but if you work wisely you can earn a reasonable monthly income with it.

How To Earn More Money

The first and most obvious way is to simply log in, click the adverts & view them as already explained. You can also earn money by referring new members, you simply promote it with the referral link ClixSense provides for you. But there are a few other ways:

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  • Get Paid To Do Surveys: There are many surveys available to do daily, I’m not really a lover of this as Iā€™m not into divulging personal information online. But many people spend time on them and they do pay reasonably well.
  • Get Paid To Do Tasks: There are various tasks to chose from, such as performing searches online for companies, research and reading mail for example.
  • Complete Offers: Some of the offers are OK, but certain ones I’d be aware of, such as installing software. Within the offers section there are even more surveys, you can get paid to do trials by certain companies, sign up for offer etc. It pays to be cautious about signing up for anything, don’t just jump in without reading what it entails and what the reward is.
  • Watch Videos: The videos pay more than the ptc adverts and are often just 30 seconds long and it’s common to get quite a few a daily.
  • Play Games: Yes, there are companies prepared to pay you to play their games, how cool is that?

ClixSense Video

What Are The Pros and Cons

The Pros are very easy, the work (if you can call it that) is very easy to do, but it’s also very repetitive and boring. Fortunately, you can get it all done in about 20 minutes.

You don’t need any qualification or experience to join, you’ll soon pick up how it all works. They pay promptly every week via either Paypal or Cheque. They do use other payment systems also, such as Alert Pay

The main con that you need to be very aware of is that a lot of the ads you’ll be viewing are complete junk. A lot of people join to advertise and promote their various online programs, many are scams. Please take heed and don’t go joining anything that you’re unsure about. Here at a2z, we go out of our way to research this stuff on your behalf, our readers.

If you are drawn to a program that you see advertised, research it and always use your due diligence.

Join For Free

You can join ClixSense for free and get clicking almost immediately, they do have a Premium membership (Upgrade To Premium For $17/Yearly) for those that intend to advertise & promote it to get referrals. By having referrals you earn money every time they click ads, watch videos etc. This can mount up quite significantly the more referrals you have.

Is Clixsense A Scam?

No it isn’t, they have paid me every month since I joined, always on time. Many members earn much more than myself as they have more referrals. But you have to realise, it isn’t going to make you a millionaire or pay off your mortgage. But it will help you earn a few bucks to top up your income for example.

A Captive Audience

If you’re an Internet Marketer or working with Affiliate Programs you could do a lot worse than use Clixsense to promote your program/service. You have an audience of people sat there waiting to find legitimate ways to earn money online. The rates are very reasonable.

A good way to start out is to buy a weeks worth of ads on the ClixGrid for $6, you can generate 500 or more hits a day.

A screen shot of ClixGrid

PTC Strategy

Many people use sites such as ClixSense to finance their main online projects, such as Wealthy Affiliate. By joining multiple PTC sites you can obviously multiply your earnings and as there are many other such sites you’re spoilt for choice. Unfortunately, a lot of them are scams so please be careful.

By working Clixsense and another site that has PTC elements called Traffic Monsoon you could easily earn $50 monthly.

I’ll be reviewing other PTC sites in the coming weeks and months, so check back soon and if you have any questions, please leave a comment.

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Comments (14)

  1. Mike Wood

    Very good article. It is one of the best I read around, very clear and understandable.
    Good work.



    1. Jay (Post author)

      Thanks a lot Mike, that’s really appreciated. Have a wonderful weekend šŸ™‚

  2. Kerry Bramham

    Hi Jay,
    This is a very well written article. I haven’t actually heard of clixsense but I have been involved in some other ptc systems.
    The problem for me was that I ended up with lots of spam in my inbox, so my advice to anyone who wants to give this a go, is use an email address that you don’t use for other things
    Great job,

    1. Jay (Post author)

      Kerry, I’d advise anyone to always keep their business and private mail separate. I’d also be careful which PTP sites you join, many of them are blatant scams.

  3. JohnCWS

    I was doing some research on ClixSense, and came across your article. Great work. Very detailed and well put together. I got the information I needed. I might have to give ClixSense a try, but not sure just yet. I am looking into a few other PTC companies. Might have to narrow it down.. or heck, just use them all! Look forward to reading more of your work soon.

    1. Jay (Post author)

      John, I’d be very careful joining to many PTC sites, I did this initially and found it very time consuming. So much so, that I had very little time and motivation to work on my own sites. I’d find a couple of good payers and stick to those.

  4. Marc Parsons

    Hi Jay

    thanks for the great information on Clixsense.

    I am very glad that you noted that everyone should be aware of the scams being advertised in between.

    Do the PTC ads have to be viewed for a certain time limit? And could uninterested clicks on ads that I post have an effect on my rankings/ bounce rates with search engines.

    What’s the best way to approach the PTC component?


  5. Jay (Post author)

    Hi Marc, thanks for stopping by. You get a count down on the ads, once it’s complete it notifies you that you’ve been credited and you can close the advert.

    I’d approach the whole PTC environment with caution, yes you can earn money with it, but you can also be scammed. I will be writing an article shortly about the sites I recommend.

    Also don’t trust sites with rented referrals. They are rarely real people, they use bots (robots) so you’re paying for nothing.

    I wouldn’t use your main site on PTC sites, I’d create a splash page or a landing page. People pay more attention when you don'[t throw to much info at them.


  6. Jonas

    Hi, Jay!
    Being able to earn money from answering questions and playing game sure sounds like a good opportunity if you have too much time over at home.
    Great information, and really clean site.

    Keep up the good work. šŸ™‚


    1. Jay (Post author)

      This is very true Jonas, plus a great place to advertise. Thanks for stopping by, much appreciated šŸ™‚

  7. Marcus

    I’d never heard of ClixSense PTC before, but I’m actually rather surprised you gave this 8 out of 10. Although it is not a scam, as you said, it is clearly not going to earn anyone a large amount of money.

    I’m also a bit skeptical about how this will be filled with ads from people selling make money online opportunities. I don’t think that looks like a good way to advertise, because all the people using it are trying to advertise their own make money online schemes. Or have I misunderstood that?

    Anyway, it seems that the real winner here Jim Grago who created this system. I suspect he is raking in the money from the monthly memberships. Maybe the best way to make money is to start up a website like ClixSense rather than join it.

    1. Jay (Post author)

      I gave it 8/10 because I discovered Wealthy Affiliate through Clixsense for one. I have earned money through them every month since joining and they have paid on time every time. So as far as I’m concerned they provide a decent service.

      I’ve received signups and referrals for many other programs via Clixsense also and made many sales.

      Finally, I don’t understand your statement about the owner profiting from the upgrades, surely he is in business to make profit? Besides, the upgrade is yearly not monthly. Thats $17 a year, thats nothing compared to how much many other sites charge.

  8. Don

    Hi Jay,

    I have never heard of ClixSense before why I read you review with great interest. I absolutely see the benefits in the program and I think it can be a great program for earning some extra money besides your day job. I don’t think that it can replace your day job why I personally would go for another solution.

    However, obviously you are rather excited about it. How much bucks do you make a month?


    1. Jay (Post author)

      Hi Don, I only make about $20 now as I focus on other programs that pay better. I still keep using it as it all helps, it has a lot of aps based ways to earn now. But as I don’t have a smart phone I don’t bother, so it may be more suitable to you than me šŸ™‚


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