Is My Paying Ads The Next Big Name In Revenue Sharing?

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Revenue Sharing sites are popping up all over the internet at the moment, the most well known of course being Traffic Monsoon. One of the newest and fastest growing Rev Share sites is My Paying Ads.

Owner: Uday NaraUday Nara, the owner of My Paying Ads
Launch Date: March 30, 2015
Free To Join
Rating 9/10

STATS: Dec 11, 2015
Total Members: 97,652
Total Payouts: $3,889,058
Alexa Ranking: 3327
My Paying Ads



MPA is a viral advertising website that shares it’s revenue with it’s members. The amount of revenue you earn is dependant upon how many shares you purchase, which are called Adpacks. For each Adpack you purchase you will receive 20 Business Directory Listing Credits. You can also earn as an affiliate selling the various products offered by MPA.

There are ten levels of ad packs and you have to start at level 1 and work your way through each level. Each level is more expensive, but you also get more advertising in each level, which works out at 20 Business Directory Listing Credits for every $1 spent.

To qualify for moving onto a new level you have to achieve at least 100 shares and the maximum for each level is 200. Once the share expires you make back your initial investment plus profit. The Adpacks on offer are as follows.

How Long Does Each Adpacks Last?

The earnings for each share is based on hourly profits and will update in real time, so this can vary from day to day depending on sales. Each share will remain active until it reaches it’s maximum return, see below for examples on what each level will earn you.

EG: $1 Adpack will remain active until it matures at $1.20, then it will expire and become inactive. At this point it will cease to earn any more profit.

AdPack-Plan 1: $1 share maturing at $1.20 (120% Returns)
AdPack-Plan 2: $3 share maturing at $3.60 (120% Returns)
AdPack-Plan 3: $5 share maturing at $6.25 (125% Returns)
AdPack-Plan 4: $7 share maturing at $8.75 (125% Returns)
AdPack-Plan 5: $10 share maturing at $13.00 (130% Returns)
AdPack-Plan 6: $15 share maturing at $19.50 (130% Returns)
AdPack-Plan 7: $20 share maturing at $27.00 (135% Returns)
AdPack-Plan 8: $30 share maturing at $40.50 (135% Returns)
AdPack-Plan 9: $40 share maturing at $56.00 (140% Returns)
AdPack-Plan 10:$50 share maturing at $75.00 (150% Returns)

Other Products At PMA

There are a few advertising products available, as listed in the image below.

Image of products on offer at My Paying Ads

Referral Program

MPA will pay you 10% commission for sales on all product you sell to referrals on the first level, this includes Adpack purchases.

Is MPA Legit?

Yes, their business model was recently reviewed by Paypal. To be a legit business a real product or service is necessary, such as advertising.

The owner is very upfront and communicates almost daily via the Facebook group

As of September 11th 2015 MPA upgraded their SSL Certification on the site with Green Bar Security (Comodo Extended).

MPA Site Security
Other Ways To Earn With MPA

We’ve already covered the Revenue Sharing aspect of MPA and the referral program which pays 10% commissions. You can also make money with the Pay To Click (PTC) links, this can help to get you started earning if you don’t have funds to purchase Adpacks. But be advised that you will only earn a small amount daily going this route and it will take a considerable amount of time to generate enough funds to start purchasing shares.

You Must Be Qualified To Earn From Adpacks

Because the nature of revenue sharing is based on advertising, we all want our adverts seen. To qualify to earn on MPA you have to log in daily and view 10 ads, this only takes a matter of minutes daily and is pretty much the standard for all similar sites.


MPA appears to be very serious about their business, just this week they have moved to newer faster servers as the membership is rapidly approaching 100,000. They have added numerous upgrades over the months and the regular communication is very refreshing.

Are there any glitches to report? Of course, name me a site that is 100% problem free? But in my experience so far they are quick to report any problems on their Facebook page (listed below) and have always been resolved quickly and professionally.

The few minor niggles I do have are very trivial and many have already been fixed. The one missing function I’d like to see added to the site would be a rotator, but that’s not an issue which would turn me away.

The advertising has proven effective for me, as I have received a few referrals for other sites from MPA, which makes it value for money. Plus my Addpacks are growing daily due to repurchasing out of profit.

MPA is ideal for starters and newcomers to internet marketing because you can get started with a small purchase (as little as $1). But if you’re looking to make a big return much faster, then you’re obviously going to need to invest more.

Tips For Getting Started

Like any serious business opportunity MPA isn’t a get rich scheme, so you need to be prepared to put the time and effort in. When you join it is advised to purchase Adpacks, but only spend as much as you can afford!

For each £1 you spend you will receive returns, but it is advised that you continually reinvest for at least a few months. Otherwise you’ll never progress to the higher levels.

You can join MPA for FREE and get started today. On the sign up page, please make sure the sponsorship area looks as below with the name 32936 -Jaytech.

Join Here

My Paying Ads Sign Up Screen

There is no obligation to sponsor other members, but it is beneficial.

Don’t forget to join our Facebook group for regular updates and to meet other members.

(Disclaimer – Earnings are based not only on how many shares you purchase, but also on your promotional efforts)

a2z Marketing will help to promote and train all referrals that join through this site. You have to be a paid member to qualify, then we will help t promote your personal MPA link on various Traffic Exchanges and marketing sites.


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