Libre Office, The Free Alternative.


Whenever I prepare to write another blog post, I always like to make a rough draft in a word processor before committing it to WordPress, it allows me to check for not only typing errors but to read over it completely before deciding I’m happy with the content.

For this task I use LibreOffice simply because it is a free Office Suite, which comprises of a number of high quality applications. I’ve been using this program for quite a few years and it has served me perfectly fine and I see no reason at this time why I’d invest a large amount of money into an alternative.

LibreOffice is a worthy alternative to Microsoft Office and the best part is it is completely FREE It is available for Windows, Apple Mac and Linux.

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Libre Office Is Crammed With Features

  • Writer: Is a high quality word processor which can be used for creating quick documents or a complete book, complete with images and diagrams.
  • Calc: Is a spreadsheet program which is intuitive and user friendly.
  • Impress: Is a multimedia program for creating slide shows and presentations.
  • Draw: Is an image & drawing program, which can be used to create simple sketch right through to complex technical diagrams and 3d images..
  • Base: Is a database program which has full integration with all Libre Office’s other programs.
  • Math: Is a comprehensive formula editor for the mathematicians amongst us.
  • Chart: Is for creating charts and graphs for your presentations, which is fully user definable.

LibreOffice Menu displaying the various options

LibreOffice also has downloadable templates, plugins and extensions available from the website.

Another good reason for preparing posts on a Word Processor is, should you ever lose data due to a website crash, you always have your posts backed up.

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