Procrastination – The Road To Damnation

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Do you find yourself constantly making up excuses to avoid doing something? Are you always too busy? Do you avoid doing difficult tasks due to the fear of failure? You’re not alone, many people procrastinate and it is usually due to a much deeper problem, such as anxiety, self doubt and fear of failure.

Procrastination – The Thief Of Time

Proverbs 13:4 The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing,
while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.

As a writer, it’s really important to spend quality time sat down researching and writing, to many that may seem easy but as a serial procrastinator it can really be a problem. You find yourself constantly postponing deadlines, making lame excuses as to why “I’ll do it tomorrow”. But of course tomorrow rarely actually comes.

To overcome this problem of procrastination, we must learn to believe in ourselves and to not let those voices in our head lie to us. We ALL have the potential to achieve great things, but if we keep postponing it, things it will never happen.

I no longer allow the fear of failure stop from doing anything, because as I’ve grown older I realise that everyone fails. So what? It won’t kill us and what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!

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I’ll Stop Procrastinating Tomorrow!

It’s time to stop making excuses and coming up with reasons why you can’t complete that deadline today, or get that important task completed. If you’re ambitious and looking for success in this life it’s time to get out there, take positive action and STOP procrastinating once and for all.

You’re delaying your own success and due recognition by your constant procrastinating, you’re letting clients, customers and friends and family down and most importantly yourself!

Procrastination truly is a “destroyer of success” and it will eventually affect every aspect of your life if you don’t keep it in check.

Important dates are often cancelled, greeting cards never get sent, bills never get paid and pretty much everything almost always gets left to the last minute. You end up hurting your loved ones because you are always late and unreliable.

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How Can I Stop Procrastinating?

There are ways to stop procrastinating, but before this can be achieved you need to change how you think and act. Firstly you need to start to like and appreciate yourself, give yourself credit where it’s due. Don’t let that fear of failure kill your dreams, you’ll regret it one day. We all have failures in life, think of it as a “learning experience”.

In an earlier article titled “What Is The Key To Success” we created a plan called a Roadmap To Success, we’re going to use the same principle again here. Only this time we can call it a Roadmap To Conquer Procrastination!

  • Write Out A Contract To Yourself: In this contract you’ll make out a list of things that you want to accomplish and have been putting off. You will make a promise to yourself that all tasks that you set for yourself in the coming weeks must be completed on time, every time, with no exceptions. On completion of your tasks you are allowed to reward yourself and acknowledge your accomplishment
  • Buy a diary: You’re going to make a daily plan, break the day up into smaller components such as morning and afternoon. For each morning you are going to set yourself a task, it doesn’t matter how big or small it is, though it’s probably better to start off small. But IF you really are prepared to go for it, then by all means make it larger. You have to complete this task within a set time, keeping in mind you have to complete it before the morning is up. The objective here is reteaching yourself to be punctual and reliable.
  • Distraction Are Your Enemy: These have to be removed or before you know it you’re going to drift off course and back into your old ways, and you’ll soon be hearing those famous words “I’ll do it tomorrow!” Now switch off the TV, remove the MP3 player and switch off that mobile. Facebook will still be there later. It’s time to get busy!
  • Set Weekly Goals: By the end of each week, you should have accomplished a task every morning (excluding the weekend) that seems a good goal to start with right? You’ll have accomplished 1 task every day without making excuses and putting it off. Well done you!
  • Expand Your Goals: Once you are back into the normal routine of life, performing your daily morning task it’s time to build upon your good work. We’re now going to set a task for the afternoons. As a blogger for example, my morning task would be to research for my next post. Then my afternoon task is to create the post based on my mornings research. Now, this isn’t always straight forward, some posts take more research than others. But as long as the work is getting done, you’re still being productive.
  • Aim For the Sky: Don’t let anyone bring you down or get in your way of your goals and dreams, this is your life, so get out there and live it. If you have a dream, pursue it and never let go. If you follow these basic rules your days of procrastination will be over.

You need to use this task setting technique in your personal life also. If you have to be somewhere, be there on time. If necessary, make a contract to yourself to cover this also. Take whatever action is necessary to ensure you keep going forward and not slipping back into those old self destructive ways.

As we all live different lives and have different daily commitments, the basics of this plan are an illustration of how you could go about dealing with your procrastination problem. It will probably be necessary to design a custom plan suited to your life, goals and ambitions using the techniques provided here.

It worked for me and helped me to get motivated and moving, I no longer procrastinate as I have a goal and a destination to get to. All procrastination did was turn me into an aimless Zombie, walking around in circles with no direction in life.

Don’t let that happen to you, do something about it.

If you do have a procrastination story, or even a cure that worked for you, please share it with us.


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  1. geoff-n-jane

    Hi Jay,
    Love the look of your website with its changing image. It is very pleasant and easily navigateable.
    Your website title is unique and should give you plenty of scope for adding lots of informative content.
    For procrastination, the road map idea and the contract for life management is brilliant.
    We also have a blog about procrastination which can be found in the blog section on our profile page.
    We found this information here very informative and helpful.
    Thank you.

    1. Jay (Post author)

      Thanks a lot for the kind words, I really appreciate you both taking the time to stop by and commenting.

  2. Eileen

    What a great post. This is so me! I think creative people deal with procrastination A LOT! We never think what we have done is good enough. Thank you for the ideas.

    1. Jay (Post author)

      Yes Eileen, it was a real problem for me. I still struggle from time to time. But you can;t let it grab a hold, it can really affect your productivity.

  3. Brooke M.

    Hello, Jay! We are all guilty of procrastination at some point. I do it all the time with the housework anymore, but when it comes to my website content, college work, and job searching, I keep a very set list of goals and live and die by a day planner. Honestly, I’d be so terribly lost without my planner. I use it for reminding me when bills are due, when homework is due, when I have an appointment, and yes, even for reminding me of what my bank balance is. It’s been a real life saver. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Jay (Post author)

      Thanks Brooke, I’m the same. I even put off putting things off 😉


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