Scam Busters: What Is A Scam And How To Avoid Them?

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Why Do People Get Scammed Online?

One of the sad facts about many people looking to make a living online is they are lazy and gullible, and this is what makes them prone to the many internet scammers sat out there just waiting  to pounce!  I’m not trying to be rude or offensive here, but people want to earn as much as possible while putting in very little effort.  This is very naive  and not realistic when you take look at the real world of concrete and mortar. The successful Directors and CEO’s of major corporations have spent many years working their way to the top, made sacrifices, missed spending time with their families and loved ones.

The reality is, if you’re new to the online business world, it’s very unlikely you’re going to become a millionaire by next Tuesday, or that your Paypal is going to fill up overnight while you sleep!  Now I’m not saying that there aren’t people making a lot of money online, you only have to look at large companies such as Google and Amazon as an example, but thedollar point is, they provide a multitude of products and services that people want.  As already explained in previous articles, if you’re truly serious about making a real online income, then you are going to have to be prepared to invest a lot of time and effort, treat it the same way you would any business.

What Is A Scam And How To Avoid Them?

A scam is a bogus or fake company/website that is offering the opportunity of a lifetime.  Promising overnight riches or some other outrageous claim.

There are some very cunning scammers out there and many of us (including myself) have fallen for it.  And this is the point of a2z Marketing in a nutshell, we want to help people avoid the cons and pitfalls by researching genuine online companies.  Share our successes (and failures) and provide tips and advice on what to look out for as you proceed on your journey.

Why Do The Elderly Get Scammed?

old-peopleThere once was a time when people could go to bed and leave their front doors unlocked, where the weaker members of our society were helped across the road without the fear of being pick pocketed or getting clobbered over the head before having their mobile phones stolen.  Sadly those times are long gone!

Many of our elderly folk still live in those times and can be easily led, I have to watch my mother closely as she strolls through the internet on her Kindle, credit card at the ready.  Her memory isn’t what it used to be and if something looks pretty and shiny she clicks it, by then it can often be too late!

The vultures out there are just sat waiting to target these people, as they have plenty of time on their hands since retirement, looking for a way to supplement their incomes.  And although there are plenty of genuine opportunities out there, there are a multitude of scams, and I hope by reading this article we can help you along with your journey safely and scam free.

Are You Too Smart To Get Scammed?  albert-einstein

That’s a big fat NO, but if you answered Yes, then you are a prime target for scammers and here’s why.  It’s a common mistake to assume that wealthy people  are automatically smart, they have  the mindset of “it’ll never happen to me!”.  What’s my point? Scammers are out to make money, wealthy people have more of it so they are an obvious target, and throughout history everyone from Lawyers to professors have been scammed, so please don’t assume you’re invulnerable, because you’re not!

Learn How To Avoid Being Scammed On The Internet

There are many tell tale signs to look out for when researching online opportunities, lets take a look at a few.

1. Ridiculous Claims Of Success

They will play on your desires and wants, you’ll see a website with a picture of a beautiful girl on a beach, or a big mansion with a Lamborghini parked outside with some ludicrous statement saying.


There will often be a small form to fill in where you will be asked to provide an email address for example, then you’ll receive a pile of spam convincing you to sign up for this scam.  And I assure you, people DO fall for it. (I must point out here that not all sites with forms to fill in are scams, they are often referred to as “Opt In Forms” this will be covered more in future articles).

2. The Slick Video

Yes, video is a great medium, a way to promote a product or a service, but if you see a blank page with just a video offering you the deal of a lifetime, it’s usually time for a sharp exit.  This is a poor way to promote a product or a service, people need to be able to read and research what’s on offer.  And when you do come across such videos, they almost never actually tell you what they are actually selling or what service they’re providing.

3. Only Limited Positions Available (Scarcity Tactics).

Again, you’ll see this one time and time again, they’ll try to guilt you into handing over your details, as you really can’t miss out on this deal, right?  Think again, internet marketing is a numbers game, pretty much all online businesses are based on numbers, the more referrals the better, so why would they limit this?  Then to add insult to injury, when you attempt to leave the page you’ll get a nag screen asking “Are You Sure You Want To Leave?” You bet, time to get out of Dodge!

4. Where Is That Contact Form?

Any business with no form of communication simply doesn’t deserve your business or custom in the first place.  Most decent companies will respond within 48 hours, this tends to be a good sign of just how reliable these people are and whether you’d want to be involved with them at all.

5. The Internet Marketing Guru

These guys crop up all over the internet making insane claims, promoting products that you, or nobody else ever needed, yet they will go all out to convince you otherwise!  You’ll be promised a “60 Day Money Back Guarantee If Not Completely Satisfied” chances are, they’ll have already vanished off the face of the Earth by then.

6. What, No Trial Or Free Offer?

Any company not offering either a free membership or a trial are going nowhere fast, because whatever it is they have an offer, there will almost always be a competitor that WILL offer similar. If the service or product is that good, people will be happy to buy, once they have taken a test ride, so to speak.  Most serious marketers will upgrade once satisfied, as it will more often than not offer a better commission and compensation package.

7. The Email Sob Story

There’s a good chance you’ll start receiving a multitude of emails and begging letters from places like Nigeria, even people offering you fortunes in their wills.

They will try to guilt you into helping them, playing on your emotions, promising you a huge cut of the family fortune. All you have to do is take care of some legal fees and you’ll be compensated once it is sorted.  The more money you pay, the more they will ask for, until your card is maxed out.  And sadly, people do still fall for these types of scams, despite the fact, that a simple Google search will show that scams similar to these go as far back as the 1920’s!

The other common email scam is what appears to be an official mail from your bank for example, asking for clarification of your account details.  I received a fraudulent Paypal email just this week, with a link asking me to login, this is what’s known as a phishing site, which is basically a phoney log in page where they can steal your account details.

And finally there’s the “Congratulations, You’ve Won An Xbox” mail, which is another variation to the phishing scam.  You’ll be asked to go to a link, create an account and they will ask for your bank/card details and your address, before you know it you’ll be making purchases all over the world and running up a huge debt on your card and having your identity stolen.  There are many variations to these frauds & scams, so please be vigilant.

8. What Does The Program Or Opportunity Involve?  mansion

Any legitimate business or company worth it’s salt will tell you exactly what will be required of you from the outset, for example.

  • What product or service do they provide?
  • Will you be paid a wage or is it commission based?
  • Do they pay you directly, or is it from personal referrals?
  • How long will it take before you earn anything?
  • What does the program or opportunity cost?
  • Are there various upgrade options?
  • What do you receive for these fees? (eg Marketing Tools, Website, Leads) .

You also have the options of checking out any companies on Google, see if they have any negative reviews or scam complaints.  Now, sometimes you need to tread carefully here, as it is common for competing companies to create bogus false reviews, a dirty business tactic, but unfortunately it does go on.  You also have to realize that a lot of people are very naive & will scream “scam” when they haven’t made 12 million after signing up and putting in 2 hours a day for a week!

Maybe you have a scam story you’d like to share?


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  1. phil

    Hi Jay:
    Yes I also have a sad story about how stupid I have been to let someone take me in with a “work from home” tale of great earnings.
    I joined Get Paid Social and discovered it is a total scam organised by one Jeff Long.
    You have to pay $20 to join the first month of premium membership and then $10 monthly.
    You can also join for “free” (but you have to pay $10 once) to receive a limited number of task (about 10 a day).
    But Jeff tells you you that with Premium you will do about £ 300 min if you complete just 25 tasks a day. (click here type, and like FB type, and surveys), because as a Premium he will throw daily hundreds of this tasks and surveys at you.
    In reality you will get only 3 simple task (click here types) max in a lucky day, and zero tasks most days, so in one month you will make about:
    4 cents/task x 1.5 tasks/day average x 30 days = $1.8/month.
    Very remunerative scam, isn’t it?
    You pay Mr. Long $10 and he will give you back 1.8
    Unfortunately the internet is full of Jeff Long’s types.


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